Moove Your Energies


Moove uses Feng Shui knowledge to help clients  achieve personal and professional goals by providing customized guidelines to positively influence the lifestyle and reach maximum potential of individuals.

Depending on the client’s needs, a house, office or company can be activated entirely as a package, or just by each sector individually.  You may also choose more than one sector if required.  There are 9 sectors that can be activated in Feng Shui and these are:

Career success:

Activate the energy that brings new job opportunities or a higher rank becoming more influential in the workplace.

Education luck:

Increase chances for examinations and scholastics luck.

Good health:

Improve the health for a person or for the family by activating health luck.

Wealth and money:

Increase finances, income options and family assets by activating the wealth luck in your home.

Love and relationship:

Activate matriarchal and marriage luck.  If single, activate the luck to attract love, marriage and happiness into your life.

Mentor luck:

Activate patriarch luck for the husband or the father of the family.

Descendants luck:

Enhance your childbearing luck. Improve your children’s luck and activate happiness and harmony luck for the family.

Fame and recognition:

Activate the luck that brings fame, recognition and a good reputation.  If activated, this sector also brings job promotions.


activate harmony and prosperity luck for your family.

Let me help you
become a better version of yourself and achieve a better life!

Moove services are:

M∞ve division of the 9 sectors in your house

Moove explains how the 9 sectors of the client’s home are divided for a better understanding of its energy distribution, as well as the elements that may apply and will activate each of these sectors.  This package does not include the Feng Shui analysis for the Period of Eight that lasts until February 2024 and does not include the Feng Shui analysis for the current year either.


M∞ve each sector individually according to the client’s priority

Choose which of the 9 sectors you would like to activate individually depending on which area of your life you wish to improve and I can help you Feng Shui that sector in your house. You will get a Period of Eight and the present year assessments for the chosen sector(s). 

The 9 sectors are:

  • Career Success 
  • Education Luck
  • Good Health
  • Wealth and Money 
  • Love and Relationship 
  • Mentor Luck
  • Descendants Luck
  • Fame and Recognition
  • Family

M∞ve your Decor

This service assists the client in decorating and arranging personal space, helping to balance the five elements in a sophisticated way in your house or office.


M∞ve into a new home

Moove helps the client select not only their dream home but also the luckiest one!


M∞ve your office

Find out through a Feng Shui assessment how the auspicious and inauspicious energies in your office are distributed for the current year improving your career goals, your wealth and your luck at work.


M∞ve corporate

Improve the luck to effectively achieve goals, projects and prospects of a company, and its employees.  Moove will also follow up with the company throughout the year as needed.


Feng Shui total M∞ve home package

If you wish to improve yours and your family’s life, this is the package to choose as it includes every service I offer for your house!

I provide you with the lucky and unlucky directions for all family members of your household. In addition, you get a full written energy assessment for the present year as well as a full assessment for the current Period of Eight. The assessment includes problematic and auspicious areas of the house for the current year and up to February 2024 (Period of Eight.) 

I will follow up with the client throughout the year.


Happy new M∞ve year

This service includes a yearly energy review and assessment of the current year, improving your luck and the energy of the household for that present year. This is a follow up service after a prior Period of Eight and previous year energy assessment have been done for your home.


M∞ve family directions only

This service provides the client with the auspicious and inauspicious directions of each of your family members of the household.


I can’t wait to start working with you on your journey for a better life!