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“Harmonize your space, achieve
a better life”...

We provide great knowledge about Feng Shui principles and how they are applied to the client’s living or working spaces.


I can help you in different areas

Benefits of Feng Shui

Enhances the energy flow at homes, as well as in workplaces.

Promotes harmony improving relationships and health.

Increases prosperity and career opportunities.
I can help you!
by adapting Feng Shui principles into modern living

Why Feng Shui?

My Approach

I apply Feng Shui principles into modern living anywhere in the world, guiding my clients throughout the entire process by balancing and enhancing the energy flow in their home, office, as well as in companies.

Life Transitions

Through a mindful use of Feng Shui, my clients have significantly improved  their lives by paying attention to everyday details, making better choices for their living spaces, as well as for themselves.

About Beatriz Rodríguez

A Feng Shui expert and adviser who offers you not only a professional consultancy but also a realistic and modern view on Feng Shui living no matter where you live.

I am highly experienced in promoting and directing auspicious energy in your home and office to enhance your wealth, your personal life and your health.


Beatriz always provided great advice and recommendations that explained clearly all the changes we had to do in our home in order to improve our business. I really trust her good job and recommend her strongly. 

Monica Avila, Houston, TX (USA)

Beatriz has done an excellent job activating the Feng Shui in our home. She constantly monitors the performance of her work to ensure Feng Shui principles are providing the expected benefits. Her fantastic dedication to her work and strong professional skills motivates us to recommend her Feng Shui consultancy services without hesitation.

Mariano Fernandez and Ruppa Malhotra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Beatriz is amazing! She checked my house  carefully and made suggestions for every single space.  She is very professional, patient and pays close attention to details, making sure I understand clearly the process. I recommend her 150%!

Norma de la Vega, Jakarta, Indonesia.