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The Energy of Color

Colors have an impact on our energy every day. They have been studied for years to understand how they can be used to positively influence us and our spaces.

Colors resonate with particular energy frequencies that may vary from time to time depending on the energy of that year. Your home will most likely have an energetic affinity to certain color energy.

To attract good energy and luck into your home, business, and even yourself, it is important to understand the energy that each color brings and how each can be combined with other colors to ensure the best fortune and luck.

The very auspicious color red

Let’s start talking about the most popular color used in Feng Shui practices and Chinese culture: red!

Red is associated with the fire element and brings great fortune, celebrations, passion, love, marriage and sexual energy.

The color red is also considered the “color of controlling”, which makes me believe this is why many political parties are using it in different countries around the world.

Since red is the most auspicious color, it is important to not overuse red, since it can bring excessive fire energy, making it destructive instead of constructive towards your and your home’s energy. In other words, do not paint your whole house red and do not add a lot of red decorations. Remember that balance is the key to good Feng Shui.

In 2021, red brings wealth to your home’s Feng Shui. You may place a red carpet by your home’s entrance to invite these wealthy energies.

Red is also great to be combined with these other colors:

  • Red and green bring success luck as green represents the wood element fuelling the fire element of red.
  • Red and yellow work harmoniously together and are great for sports teams or a group of people working together.
  • Red, yellow, and white bring peace, stability, and harmony. It is also considered a wealthy combination of colors and elements in which fire creates earth energy and earth creates metal energy.
  • Red, green (or brown), and blue (or black) bring fame and recognition, leading to success. These 3 elements bring a great color combination if you are looking for a job promotion. Here, the element of water produces wood energy that feeds the energy of fire.

Red is best used in the southwest, northeast, and center sectors, but it is especially beneficial to your Feng Shui when used in the south sector of your home.

White for authority and power

White represents the element of metal and resonates with the energies of leadership, authority, and power. It also relates to patriarch energy.

The white color is recommended for the northwest and west sectors of your home. It can also be included in the north sector.

In 2021, the color white brings also resources and support, especially for those seeking to grow their businesses and career.

Some colors I suggest for you to combine with white are:

  • White and yellow are excellent color combinations for creating wealth and bringing profit to businesses. However, this color combination is not recommended for logos since here, the elements are earth energy producing metal energy. This means that this combination is better to be used in spaces. It is a good combination of office decor or house decor.
  • White, yellow, blue (or black) are very auspicious as the earth energy produces metal energy, and metal produces water energy, bringing wealth.
  • White and black represents the union of the yin and yang, making it a very productive combination of colors. White signifies prosperity and black signifies wealth luck. Here, The metal element produces the water element, which makes it a great color combination for business logos and sports teams.

Yellow for success, knowledge, and wealth

The color yellow represents the earth element and resonates with energies of growing and new success, bringing knowledge and new wealth.

Yellow brings stability and patient energies. However, in 2021 there is an excess of earth energy, which if used too much, it might bring you stress and worries related to your income.

This color is also associated to royal energies and authority.

As previously mentioned, the color yellow is a wonderful combination with the following colors:

  • Yellow and red.
  • Yellow and white.
  • Yellow, white, and blue or black.
  • Yellow, red, and white.

The color yellow may be used for the earth sectors of your home which are the northeast, the southwest, and the center. However, it can also be included in the northwest and west sectors of your house.

Green is the color of growth

Green represents the wood element and goes best in the east and southeast sectors of your house. It may also be included in the south sector.

In 2021, the color green is one of the most auspicious colors of this year, bringing creativity and intelligence. This leads to excellent and healthy growth energy.

Wearing green or spending time in nature will be very beneficial to your energy as well as to your health this year.

Green is also very auspicious when combined with these colors:

  • Green and black (or blue) are a lucky combination since the wood element produces the water element, bringing great fortune, health, and constant victory.
  • Green and red bring success luck since green relates to the wood element, giving you the resources that will enhance your success which is represented in the fire element by the red color.
  • Green, blue (or black), and red

You may substitute at times the green color for the brown color as both of these colors represent the wood element.

Brown brings stability

Brown color, as well as green, is great for the east and southeast sectors of your home. It is also very safe to use it at home for decorations.

Brown brings security, stability, experience, and strength since it represents “old wood” energy.

Brown works great when combined with red, green, black, and blue.

Black, the color of ultimate yin energy

Black represents the element of water. Its powerful energy brings spiritual strength to people. It is also considered the color that destroys all evil energies.

It is associated with the yin energy of the night and with female energy.

This color in Feng Shui is considered as a subduing color.

The color black’s energy works best when used in the north, east, and southeast sectors of your home.

Blue also represents the color of the water element

Blue also represents the water element, but its energy is softer or less intense than the color black.

This color represents opportunities and new beginnings. Blue is a color that brings calm to people’s energy.

In 2021, blue and black represent water flowing, bringing change and rapid communication. Wearing black and blue bring friendship and networking. But, if it’s worn too much, it might bring unhealthy competition, gossip, and betrayals, especially for people born in the year of the boar, dog, and rat.

Blue is a great color for the north, east, and southeast sectors of your home.

Blue’s energy works great when mixed with these colors:

  • Blue and green bring growth creating a harmonious balance for growth energy.
  • Blue, yellow, and white.
  • Blue, green and red.

Pink for love

Pink is most commonly used in Feng Shui for activating and attracting love energy, which makes it very useful in the southwest sector of your home. Its energy frequency is much more soothing than the color red.

The color pink belongs to the fire element; therefore, you may also use it in the south, northeast, and center sectors of your home. Because of its fire energy, remember to not overuse it in your house.

Pink may be combined with these other colors to make your energy more auspicious:

  • Pink and green are a productive combination since here the wood element of green feeds the fire element of the color pink.
  • Pink and orange belong to the fire element bringing happy energies.
  • Pink, green, and blue (or black) bring fame, recognition, and success.
  • Pink and black could be considered as another variation of the yin and yang energies since here we can find the element of fire and water together creating a great balance. It is also a very elegant combination not only for a room/decoration but also for wearing it.
  • Pink may also be combined with other pink tones creating very playful subtle energy.

Purple for power

Purple is the combination of water and fire elements creating steam which brings power energy. In Feng Shui, this color is used more as a water element color; however, it will depend on how you want to activate it. If purple is used in the north sector of your home, you will be activating the water element and the yin energy of this beautiful color. If used in the south sector of your home, you will be activating the fire element, as a result, the yang energy of purple.

It is believed to be a very high-frequency energy color because it is associated with our seventh chakra, which connects us to the energy of the universe. Because of its high energy frequency, it is also recommended to not overdo it when it comes to decorating your home.

The purple color creates special luck when used with these colors:

  • Purple and silver bring money luck.
  • Purple and gold bring wealth.
  • Purple and green bring money luck, success, and recognition.

Orange for hope and happiness

Orange brings happy energies into your homes, such as good relationships and harmonious interactions with others. Its energy also brings feelings of hope and happiness.

This color belongs to the fire element which makes it better when used in the south, northeast, southwest, and center sectors of your home or office. As with any other color that belongs to the fire element, try not to overuse it in your house decor. Orange also has an earth element aspect to it, but it’s mostly used in Feng Shui as a fire element color.

Orange may be combined with the following colors:

  • Orange and yellow.
  • Orange and red
  • Orange and green (or brown)
  • Orange and white

Orange also symbolizes gold in Feng Shui which is why during Chinese New Year people give away oranges wishing their friends and relatives wealth in the upcoming new year.

It is important to mention that in addition to color, great lighting is a key for your home’s good Feng Shui. This creates a great atmosphere and balance in your home’s energy, making you and your family feel better and happier.

The best colors to use or wear in 2021 according to your Chinese zodiac are:

  • White and Yellow for those born in the year of the Horse.
  • Red, yellow, and green for people born in the year of the Rooster.
  • Green is a wonderful color to use for those born in the years of the Boar, Dog, and Rat. They should avoid overusing blue and black.
  • For people born in the years of the Monkey, Sheep, Ox, and Tiger use red.
  • People born in the year of the Rabbit also benefit from the color green.
  • Those born in the year of the Snake and Dragon benefit from wearing white, purple, grey, silver, and gold.

When colors are properly used in our everyday life, they will contribute greatly to our mood and energy. Decorating our homes and working spaces with mindful use of color will ensure that the energy will flow, contributing positively to our everyday Feng Shui.

How do you use the energy of color?

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