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Attract good Feng Shui in your house entrance

Creating good Feng Shui at your house entryway is very important for welcoming the good chi or energy. 

Your house’s main entrance is where good Feng Shui starts and it will determine the type of energy will enter into your home, affecting not only your house but also yours and your family’s energy. 

Here are some tips and solutions to help you create great Feng Shui for your home’s main entryway:

BEST IDEAS FOR house entrance

 ∞ Have a strong front door

Having a strong front door is crucial because it is the mouth of the chi of your home. If you don’t use it regularly, you can simply activate it by opening it and entering your house.  

Your main door must be preferably solid wood without any windows or see-through glass decorations.

∞ Place a beautiful entrance rug

Choose a rug for your main entrance that invites you to enter into your home. Choose nice colors and regular shapes and also remember to keep into consideration your own Feng Shui taste when it comes to buying or placing a rug for your entrance.

∞ Be aware of your main door position

In Feng Shui, it is very important that your main door is not facing either a staircase, a bathroom, or a back door. This causes the energy to not get distributed properly inside your home. 

It is also very important that a toilet is not located on the second floor above the main door as this can cause bad luck for the family.

∞ Keep your main entrance well lit

Make sure your main entrance is not dark but rather well lit. This also activates Yang energy in your main entrance helping you to welcome the good Chi into your home.

∞ Your house entrance’s look

It is very important that your home entrance, inside and outside of your house, remains clean, organized, and free of clutter. 

If you have the custom to remove shoes before entering your home, then place a beautiful shoe closet, so the shoes are not all over your entrance. 

Also, do not have dead or dying plants neither inside nor outside of your house’s main door or entryway as this creates instant negative energy.

∞ Mirrors facing your main door

Never have a mirror facing your main door or main entrance. This is a Feng Shui no-no as this causes the energy to bounce right back outside your main door when chi enters your home. 

I always recommend using your intentions to welcome opportunities, love, wealth, and all of the good energy you would like to come into your home. 

By following these simple Feng Shui guidelines for your home entrance, you can create spectacular energy for your entryway, boosting yours and your home’s energy.

Now, let me know how is your home main entrance looking?


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