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Best indoor plants to promote energy

To create good Feng Shui in your home it is recommended to incorporate plants. They represent wooden growing energy, and in fact, it is the only Feng Shui element amongst the fives that have life itself and that possess intrinsic yang energy helping the chi in your spaces to grow, get enhanced, and activated.

In Feng Shui, there are plants that are more auspicious than others and these can help you create great Feng Shui in your home or office. 

The best indoor plants for your home that I recommend are: 

∞ Succulents

These are one of the best house indoor plants recommended to attract good energy. 

Succulent’s round, puffy, and beautiful green colored leaves symbolize gold and money bringing wealth energy into your home, especially when placed in the southeast corner of your home.

A Silver Crown Succulent plant is a great option for the southeast sector of your home.

∞ Jade plant

This is another type of succulent that helps attract money and prosperity energy into your home.

You can place a beautiful Jade plant in the main entrance of your home, as well as in the southeast corner of your house.

Jade is one of the best indoor plants for your home that helps attract money

∞ Money plant

Its beautiful green leaves are powerful enhancers for attracting wealth and money energy. 

This is another good option to place by your the door at your main entrance.

∞ Bamboo plant

The lucky bamboo is also one of the plants recommended to have in your home.

In Feng Shui, bamboo plants represent discipline, flexibility, and endurance.  They are also commonly displayed in the form of art, such as paintings, as well as decorations such as bamboo wind chimes.

The Chinese culture believe that bamboos have the power and the ability to guard against malign energies.

Some recommendations to help you keep your indoor house plants looking great and bringing the best energy into your home are:

∞ Avoid indoor plants that have spikes, such as cactuses, as these thrown “poison arrows”. 

∞ Take care of your plants on regular basis and try not to let them grow wild and unattended.

∞ Remember to remove dead leaves as these create instant bad energy luck. 

∞ Do not overwater your plants, especially succulents.

∞ Last but not least, select wisely which are the best indoor plants for your home according to the climate and country in the world that you are living in. 

Plants are great assets to have in the East and Southeast sectors of your home. Remember that these sectors represent the wooden energy of your home, enhancing your health and wealth. 

I also recommend placing plants in the South sector of your home to help you attract fame and recognition luck by enhancing the fire element sector of your home.

Which are your favorite indoor plants to have at home?      


  1. Muchas gracias Beatriz!! Tengo una planta de Jade, sólo que es algo delicada de cuidar. La voy a colocar en el lugar que sugieres. 🤗

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