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Your food, your diet, and your Feng Shui

Feng Shui is such a powerful and amazing tool that not only can be used to improve the energy of your house, but you can also incorporate it into your eating habits and daily meals.

The best way to provide fuel for our bodies is by creating not only healthy delicious meals but also by putting intention and good energy into it. Also by applying some easy Feng Shui methods that have been practiced in some eastern cultures for thousands of years.

When it comes to your food and your diet, you can use these 5 personal Feng Shui tips that I would love to share with you:

∞ Set the intention for your food

When you cook your food, cook it with the intention to provide a delicious and healthy meal for your family, friends, and for yourself as well.

Even if it is a quick meal, the intention must be there in order to inject good luck and energy into your meals and I promise you that it will even taste better.

∞ Serve your meals in deep bowls

Serving your meals in deep bowls suggest abundance and long-lasting financial luck.

I recommend you to use ceramic bowls that are beautiful to you, and if possible, that have auspicious drawings on them.

Deep ceramic bowls also help keep your food warm for a longer time and for the good energy to remain in your food until it’s eaten.

∞ Plates, glasses, cups, and cutlery must be in perfect condition

It is very important that the plate or bowl from where you are eating is not chipped.  Anything broken or cracked must be thrown away no matter how expensive it was.

Eating and drinking from plates, glasses, and cups that are chipped or broken bring very bad luck! 

In Feng Shui, this action creates an energy barrier for your plans and projects causing problems and obstacles for you.

It also attracts energies related to illnesses and might cause friendships and other important personal relationships to break.

∞ Happy meals 

It is always recommended that you sit at your table with your best attitude.

Do not have meals with families and friends if there is an argument going on. 

This will bring extremely bad energy not only to you and to your family, but also to your food as well.

∞ Show gratitude towards your food

Have you realized how lucky you are to be able to have many delicious meals a day? This is the best example of your abundance!

Show gratitude and be thankful for your abundance as well as for your food.

Don’t forget to express gratitude for the moment you are enjoying eating your meals with family and friends, or even if you are eating by yourself.

Remember that we and our reality are shaped by how we think, and we need to stop seeing food as something that is bad for us, that will make us fat or that will cause us to harm in some way.

Energy is everything and everything is energy, and food is no exception. Make the best of the energy that you put into your body! 

It is one of your health’s best allies!

How do you practice the Feng Shui of your food and diet?

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