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6 easy ways to use Feng Shui to decorate your home

We all love to walk into a home that is nicely decorated, especially if it is our own, and Feng shui decorating helps create spaces that feel vibrant to you improving your home’s energy and your family’s harmony. 

But this doesn’t mean that you have to have a Chinese style house or that you need to include Asian decorations unless you really want to, as I do in my home.

Feng Shui decorating invites you to create a harmonious environment through the mindful balance of the five elements in your spaces, supporting and promoting yours and your family’s energy.

But how can I use Feng Shui for decorating my home, home office, and office?

I can help you achieve your desired luck and energies by following these 6 basic Feng Shui decorating principles for your own interior design:

∞ Clear spaces 

The first and one of the most important steps you can do to start using Feng Shui in your home is to clear old stuff collected over the years. Here are a few ideas for decluttering your spaces:

  • Clear the clutter in your entire house, your closets, cabinets, and drawers.  
  • Get rid of decorations, things, and clothes that you no longer use.
  • Donate these items to charities or to people that might want them or need them. 
  • Broken items can be repaired, otherwise, throw them away.

∞ Clean your house

After clearing the clutter and organizing your home you can “moove” into the next step which is cleaning your house.

Not only cleaning your spaces is important, but also make sure to repair broken pipes, fix walls, and repair any other furniture that might need to be fixed.

∞ Clean and clear old energies

Often, we get to see the physical part of our house and how it changes and feels after we organize it and clean it, but we don’t get to see what happens in our spaces on an energy level when the energies are “dirty”.

Our daily activities, routines, and emotions play an important role in the energy of our home as well as in ours, which is why it is recommended to also clear and clean our home’s energy.

You can do this by burning some incense and walking your home in a clockwise direction. After doing so, you may place the burning incense outside your main door to get rid of bad and old stagnant energies.

Some incenses that I love burning in my home are Sandalwood, Sage, and Palo Santo.

You can also use essential oils to purify and clean the energy by putting some drops of sandalwood, lavender, or any other oil of your choice in a water diffuser.

∞ Play with color

Color is a wonderful and easy way to incorporate Feng Shui into your home for activating the desired energies.

Colors make us feel, and with color, energies vibrate as well. 

According to Feng Shui principles, there are colors suggested to apply for each sector of a home or office depending on the area of your life that you may want to activate.

Different shades of blues, as well as the color black represent the water element, making them good choices for the Northern part of your home.

Gray and white relate to the element of metal and are great options for the northwest and west sectors of your home. You may also include them in the north sector since the metal element enhances the water element.

The color red is a very lucky color in Feng Shui and is considered to be the most auspicious. This color resonates with fire energy making it a good option to be incorporated into your home decor, especially in the south, southwest, and northeast sectors of your house since the fire element enhances the earth element.

Ochre, light yellow, and beige represent the element of earth. You may incorporate these options in the center, northeast, and southwest areas of your house to enhance and activate the earth energy in your home.

The color Green vibrates with wood energy, representing growth and money. This is an excellent option to include in the east and southeast sectors. Blue might also be incorporated in these areas since the water element strengthens the wood element.

∞ Determine the energy distribution in your house

Use Bagua map to determine how the nine sectors and energies in your home are distributed. It will serve you as a guide for your Feng Shui home decor since it defines which element belongs to each sector of your home.

Through defining the nine sectors of your home’s energy, you can make better choices when it comes to choosing colors, decorations, and furniture placements for better energy flow.

∞ Use decorations

After determining your Bagua map, you can start using more mindfully your own decorations, Feng Shui enhancers, and cures for better energy flow.

It is important you take into consideration your own taste when it comes to your Feng Shui home decor, that’s why you must place objects, plants, paintings, pictures, art, etc. that are meaningful to you.

The better and happier the thoughts you get when you see these objects, the better energy they will emanate for you and your home.

Your home should always reflect your own history as a family when using Feng Shui for decorating it.

What do you like the most about your own home decor?

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